Free Tide At Rite Aid This Week!!!

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Hello FREE Tide!

A Store Coupon + a Manufacturer Coupon = FREE at Rite Aid!!!!! I hope they have febreeze scented or downey, it’s all about the fresh smell.


Tide pods 12/16 ct & gain flings 16 ct $4.99
Use $3 tide pods 12 or 16ct or gain flings 16ct load2card coupon (STORE COUPON, may be found in “general” category)
And Use $2 tide pods or gain flings laundry detergent 25ct and below (excludes tide simply, gain flings/tide pods 5ct and trial/travel size) load2card coupon (MANUFACTURER coupon, may be found in “home” category)
Final Cost = FREE

The Best Really Amazing, Useful Tips For Keeping Your Car Looking Brand New!!

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Here are some great ways to get your car as clean as if it were brand new again, with things you can usually find in or around the house!

Most of this stuff we have got free or made money from and have a pantry full! WEE HOO!

These are tricks the car dealers don’t want you to know!

Bleach your wheels

Getting those rims clean is no easy feat. There is a great hack for it, though! Get hold of some bleach powder (Clorox and the like), sprinkle it onto a rag and add a splash of Lysol to the area where the powder is. Now, scrub the metal rim of your car and see how beautifully all the grime is scrubbed away to reveal the original sparkle that was there when the car was manufactured. The work isn’t easy but it well worth it!

Foam brushes for your vents

Air vents need to be kept clean. You never know when someone with a dust allergy will come into your car and have a dust sneezing attack. Additionally, it simply is not healthy to be breathing in all of that dust. So go down to your local hardware store and get a cheap, small foam brush. Now you can clean out those vents and keep your car smelling fresh as well.


Toothbrush detail

If you want to detail your car you don’t necessarily need all of those fancy tools and and kits. All you truly need is a toothbrush and a bit of moxie mixed with elbow grease. The bristles in the toothbrush will dig down deep into crevices and get that dirt out. That is exactly what happens whenever you brush your teeth, so you know that this brush will be able to do the job.


Toothpaste for your headlights

If your headlights are so cloudy that it looks like you’re trying to flash beams in a heavy fog on a super clear night, you may need to get over to a body shop and drop nearly $1,000 on new headlights. OR you can take a toothpaste (especially a whitening toothpaste), and clean your headlights yourself. Just put the toothpaste on the lense, scrub, rinse it off, and dry. Voilà, a brand new(ish) headlight.

Q-tip detailing

If you really want that on point finish and clean for your car, use a Q-Tip. Q-tips are amazing because they can fit anywhere and everywhere – from cup holders to car logos. Because of their cotton ends they are really able to clean up any excess cleaning product left over. And the best part – they come in packs of 1,000, so you do not need to worry if you use one or 20.


Emergency glass polish

No matter who you are, man or woman, you should keep a bottle of clear nail polish inside of your car. This is because if a tiny pebble jumps up at you on the highway as you’re going 75 miles per hour, you will get a crack, a tiny crack which can grow and shatter the windshield on you. Put on this nail polish and the crack won’t grow, and you’ll be able to safely get to a garage.

Magic erasers clean your interior

If you have gross stains on your leather or vinyl seats, well there is no need to worry. You can fix those suckers up in a jiff. All you need to do is get a Magic Eraser from your local convenience store and just scrub out those stains. Just get the eraser a little wet and gently start to scrub. You’ll have clean, factory fresh seats in absolutely no time. (like Mr.Clean)

Vaseline shine

Vaseline is great for moisturizing a whole bunch of different things, but it can also help your car’s interior out a ton. If you have a vinyl or leather interior, put a dab of vaseline on a cloth and rub the cloth all over the car in order to prevent the leather from cracking. You can also rub it on the rubber door seals to keep them from freezing over in winter.

A brush and a vacuum

One of the worst things about cleaning the dust out of your buttons, vents, dashboard, etc, is that now the dust is on the floor of your car and you need to vacuum it up. Well, to mitigate this, what you can do it take a small brush and as you are dusting, take your vacuum cleaner’s hand held attachment and put it next to the brush. As you dust, the dirt and grime get immediately sucked up into the vacuum. (like and old Makeup Brush, or smallish paint brush, who doesn’t have that laying around?)


Squeegeeing the seats?

Do you have a dog that sheds? Have you tried using everything in order to get their hair out of the car? Vacuuming only seems to do so much, but it’s never enough. But it turns out that all you need is a small spray bottle of water and a hand squeegee. Just spray the water on the seats, and the squeegee the seats. All the hair will be up in seconds.

Remove rust with cola

One of the best ways to get rust out of anything – a car, a metal bar, a suspension bridge – is to spray regular cola on it. This is due to the fact that cola has a whole lot of acid in it which is great for breaking down rust. All you need to do it spray it, wait, and wipe it off of the rusty part of your car. It is a bit disconcerting however that we are putting this rust destroying acid into our bodies on a regular basis. (SHUT UP, right?)

Buff your dash with olive oil

Washing leather is one of the hardest things to do. If you put the wrong thing on it, the leather will stain, and your car will be looking a bit, well, janky. Instead, take a tiny bit of olive oil, put it on a cloth or towel, and rub it in circles on your seats. Olive oil lasts a while, so you won’t need to use too much. However, this may make you hungry for Italian food. (Damn, I always have this on hand!!)

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Baking soda takes out smell

So let’s say that your car stinks, and let’s just assume it’s because you are keeping your dirty gym clothes in there. But you have a date tonight, and you definitely do not want that special someone to smell your post workout stank. What do you do? Just take some baking powder and spread it all over the seats, let it sit for a few hours, vacuum, and Voilà, amazing smelling car.

Wipes for windows

If you are a parent or in the military, you know how wonderful, indispensable, and amazing baby wipes are. It’s always a good idea to keep a pack in your car just in case you spill something. Additionally, those things work just as good as window cleaner, and they will help keep your windows clean and safe for you to look out of. Thank goodness for them.

Hair conditioner for cars?

Hair conditioner isn’t for making just your hair shiny anymore. Believe it or not, if you wash your car with hair conditioner, you can get that same exact waxy, shiny finish as had you taken your car to an expensive body shop. Buy some conditioner with lanolin in it, put the conditioner on a car shammy, and buff the car using circular motions until the car is glistening. Makes you wonder what it does to your hair though.

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Cupcake molds in cupholders

Cupholders are disgusting. So much is put into them, and more likely than not, you are NOT cleaning those disgusting beds of germ infested filth. An easy way to keep them clean however is by putting cupcake molds at the bottom of your cup holders. That way, you can take out the filthy molds, clean them easily, and have fresh and clean cup holders.

Steel wool windshield cleaner

This is perhaps the most counterintuitive advice we have on our list but hear us out on this one. Believe it or not, steel wool is an amazing tool to use in order to clean up your windshield. Windshield glass is thick and strong and less susceptible to scratching – kind of like Gorilla glass. Therefore, if you scrub off all the grime from your windshield with steel wool, you will be able to see a lot clearer and drive a lot safer.

Remove bumper bugs with dryer wipes

Dead bugs are really gross, especially when it seems like you have committed a genocide of the little flying critters and kept them on the hood of your car as a warning to all the other bugs. In order to keep your car looking fresh and bug free, take some water and a dryer sheet and rub the sheet gently on your car in order to get the bugs off.


Old socks make the best shammies


Clean Out Cup Holders Using An Old Sock, Travel Cup, And Windex

So remember when you spilled coke all in your cupholder in 2014? Well, it’s still probably there. Now you can get that cup holder nice and clean. All you need to do is get a cup, put a sock on it, and spray that sock with a bunch of windex. Put the cup sockside down in the cup holder, twist it a bunch, and lift. Now you’re cup holder should be clean.

Scent Car With Essential Oils On Wooden Clothes Pin

Your car may be stinky, so what do you do? Sprays only last a few hours while normal car fresheners are waaaaay to strong. So how do you make your car smell fresh easily, cheaply, and fast? Take a wooden clothespin, spray a bunch of essential oils on it, and stick the clothespin in your air vent. Voilà, a low cost, good smelling car freshener.


Keep Your Car Clean With a Trash Bin

Sometimes your car just fills up with trash and you are just not quite sure as to how or why that happened. Wouldn’t it be great if there were trashcans in cars? Why are you wishing for it when you can make it happen? Yup, just get a small car trash can, put it in your car, and now your trash problems are over. If you will it, it is no dream.(Cereal holders)

How to clean your floor mats

Your car’s floor mats are disgusting. It doesn’t matter who you are, they’re gross. But why should have to go to an auto detailer and pay to clean your car when you can have that same clean for cheap at home? All you need to do is take the carpeted mats up, spray stain remover on them, and then put them in the washing machine with laundry detergent. Just set it to gentle (so you don’t break your washer), and you’re perfect.

Remove bumper bugs with Pam

So you’ve been driving on a hot summer’s day and all of a sudden you see just this huge cloud of gnats just hanging out in the middle of the road. You’re obviously not going to swerve and try to miss them, so now you’ve killed 100 gnats who bodies are all over your bumper. Now you need to clean them off. Well, just spray pam on your bumper, and take a wipe to get those little guys off.


DIY interior cleaner

Sometimes you have stains in your seat that are so deep in there that no matter how much you clean they will not come out. So what should you do? Just make this simple solution:
1 Cup of Distilled Vinegar
1 Cup of Club Soda
1/2 cup of Blue Dawn dish soap
Spray Bottle
Scrub Brush
Put it all in a spray bottle, spray it, let it sink in, and then let it dry.


Keep your car fresh with scented wax

Normal air fresheners are disgusting, strong, and seem to burn the eyes for some reason. So what should you do to make your car smell good? Easy. Just take some wax from your favorite scented candle, put them in a small jar with some holes cut into them, and wait for them to melt. As the wax melts, it will release the perfume stored inside of them, and your car will smell simply amazing.

Clean the interior of your windshield

Sometimes your outer windshield is clean but your inner windshield is just a whole mess of filth. The best way to get rid of this (so that you can see better of course) is to mix a teaspoon of dishwashing soap into some lukewarm water followed by a drop or three of white vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle. Now your windshield is clean, and you did it chemical free. (You can clean everything in your house with this nifty mixture, chemical free. I however love the smell of Bleach, windex, etc.)

Silicon gel to clean between buttons

Who would have thought that silicon gel and silly putty had other uses besides throwing at your friends? Well it turns out that the gel is perfect for picking up the dirt and grime in between all the buttons on your console. Just push the gel down so that is completely surrounds the buttons, lift it up and there you have it – a clean car that looks like it just rolled off the assembly line.


Freebies And Cheapies At CVS Starting 9/10

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It’s been a while since we have had 3 limit on a FREEBIE at CVS! Well we do this week, stock up or give them away??

I’m guessing we all know someone we can give a deodorant to.
Lot’s of hot deals and check your purse for your scanner coupons from last week for some crazy deals this week!


Mitchum deodorant (select) $2.99 Get $1 ECB limit 3
Use $2 mitchum deodorant, exp 09/16/17 (08/13/17 ss)
Or $1 mitchum product excluding trial size and twin packs, exp 10/14/17 (09/10/17 ss)
Pay: $0.99 Get $1
Final Cost = FREE + if you Have 3 coupons get 3 FREE

Colgate total, max, & 2in1 toothpaste 4.6-6 oz $3.49 get $2 ECB limit 2
total advanced 5.8 oz included
Use $2 colgate optic white, total advanced, enamel health or sensitive toothpaste 3oz+, exp 09/23/17 (09/10/17 ss)
Pay: $1.49 Get $2
Final Cost= FREE +

Get $5 ECB wyb (2) Maybelline eye, foundation, powder, blush, concealer or lip Limit 1
Maybelline eye shadow psa. $3.79
Maybelline baby lips psa. $4.49
Maybelline twin brow and eye pencils psa. $4.49

Use two $2/1 Maybelline New York Face Product (RP 8/27)
Or Use two$1/1 Maybelline New York face product (RP 9/10)
Or Use two $1/1 Maybelline New York shadow or liner (RP 9/10)
or Use two $2/1 Maybelline New York mascara (RP 9/10)
And Use $3/1 Maybelline cosmetic, scanner coupon, printing week of 9/3
Final Cost =As low as 2 x FREE + $4.42 MM after coupons/ecb

Get $2 ECB wyb Hershey’s pouches 6.3-10.5 oz, Demet’s 5 oz or Brookside pouches 5-7 oz $3.79 Limit 1
Use $1/1 Hersheys Cookie Layer Crunch 6.3 oz bag (SS 8/6)
or Use $1/1 Hershey’s Cookies ‘N Creme Crunchers or Reese’s Crunchers Stand Up Bag, exp. 10/8/17 (SS 08/13/17) [6.5-oz.+]
And Use $2/1 Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch 6.3 oz, Brookside pouches 5-7 oz or Hershey’s pouches 6.3-10.5 oz. scanner coupon, printing week of 9/3
Final Cost = Free + $1.21 MM after coupons/ecb

Get $7 ECB wys $10 on Physicians Formula cosmetics (excludes makeup removers and trial/travel sizes) Limit 1
Physicians Formula Mascara, lip gloss psa.$9.99
$3/1 CVS scanner coupon, printing week of 9/10
As low as Free after coupon/ecb

Get $0.75 ECB wyb Mars Chocolate or Skittles singles 1.08-2.17 oz $0.99 Limit 1
Final Cost = $0.24 after ecb

Get $5 ECB wys $15 on any Revlon cosmetics Limit 6
Revlon Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow single psa.$7.99
Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow psa $8.29-8.99
Revlon Colorstay Eye Liner psa.$8.99
Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara psa.$8.99
$2/1 Revlon tweezer or lash curler (SS 9/10)
Revlon Buy eye cosmetic, get mascara free (SS 9/10)
Buy (2) Single creme eye shadow @ 7.99 and (2) Mascara @ 8.99 = $33.96
Use (2) Revlon Buy eye cosmetic, get mascara free coupons.
Pay $15.98, get $10 ecb
4/$5.98 or $1.49 each after coupons/ecb

Flat Out Freebies!

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I just got my free Dog food in the mail and my dogs loved every second, Dogs like freebies too.

Since we love freebies I wanted a list of the best freebies out there!!!!!! Yippee!

Free Sample of Honeydew Natural Hair Conditioner


Free 2-Year Subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine


Free Sample of LivRelief Pain Relief Cream


Free Big Ass Fans Pint Glasses


Free LU Grany Bars with Toluna

Free Samples Of Dunkin Donuts Bakery Series

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One thing better than coffee, is FREE COFFEE

Free Dunkin Donuts Bakery Series Coffee Sample Pack

Order a free Dunkin Donuts Bakery Series Coffee Sample Pack!
Just fill in and submit the form to receive free sample of Dunkin Donuts Bakery Series coffee flavors: Blueberry Pancake, Dulce de Leche Cookie, and Coconut Caramel! Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
Click on the link above to get yours.

Got2b Hair Care Deal at CVS Starting 8/27

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My kids love this stuff so this is a great deal for me, and I come out like a shining Star!

Buy 4 Got2b hair care $4.99 Get $7 ECB wys $20
excludes dry shampoo & trial/travel
Use four $2 got2b styling product, exp 09/09/17 (08/06/17 rp)
Pay: $11.96 Get $7 ECB and Get  $2 wyb göt2b® styling product (excluding travel and trial sizes), expires 9/9/2017 savingstar offer
Final Cost = $0.74 each wyb 4


Free & Moneymaking At CVS Starting 8/27

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 The amazing thing about couponing is getting stuff you need FREE and making a little $$ off it.

Keeps your ECB’s rolling.
All my Kids and well, everyone I know come to me looking for a cure for whatever ails them. I always have a little something-something for them. If you have kids and your stockpile is made with freebies or moneymakers
you just did the best you can do.

Starting next week at CVS we can make out like bandits by picking up a couple of Money Makers.

Last time I got Puffs free they chilled in my pantry until one day I got a nasty cold.

I discovered a crazy thing…

When you have been blowing your nose with paper towels (hardcore) or the seriously harsh butt wipe we use (if we use soft crap we go through a roll a day in this house)
then I blow my nose into a puff tissue, oh snap it was like blowing into a cloud of whipped heavenly bliss!!
I have been deprived. I will be getting some Puffs for better than free!!!!
discovering new products (I know Puffs aren’t new, but they’re new to me)
is another thing I love about couponing

Guilt free yummy  products made to make our life easier that I never cared about before.

Hoping I find more great deals before Sunday!!!!

Calendula cream first aid 2.5 oz or burn 1 oz & arnicare bruise cream 1.5 oz $8.49 get $6 ECB limit 1
Use $3 boiron calendula cream
Or Use $3 arnicare bruise gel 1.5 oz or calendula cream 2.5 oz., exp 09/30/17 (07/09/17 rp)
Pay: $5.49 Get $6 Extra Care Bucks & Get $3 wyb boiron® calendula burn, 1 oz. tube. expires august 27, 2017 11:29 pm ibotta offer (offers & exp may vary by user)
Final Cost = FREE + $3.51 Money Maker


Puffs 48-56 ct $.99
Use $.25 puffs facial tissue product 68 sheets or smaller (excludes puffs to-go 10 ct and trial/travel size)
or Use$.25 (08/27/17 inserts)
Pay: $0.49 Get $.75 wyb puffs® facial tissue. expires 8/30/2017 savingstar offer & get $1.00  Checkout51 (that’s triple dipping)
Final Cost = FREE + $1.26 Money Maker


Colgate max 6 oz, total 4-4.2 oz, & 2in1 4.6 oz $3
Use $2 colgate max 6 oz, total 4-4.2 oz, or 2in1 4.6 oz crt (printing for everybody 08/27-09/02)
And Use $1 (coming 08/27/17 inserts)
Final Cost = FREE

2 Amazing Money Makers At CVS Starting 8/13

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After Last weeks amazing deal at CVS (a few posts down) I now have $10 ECB’s and will figure how to work this and come out with my Gain Detergent (running on empty for Gain)

Calendula Cream first aid 2.5 oz, burn 1 oz or Arnicare bruise cream 1.5 z $8.49 Limit 1
Get $6 ECB
Use $3/1 Arnicare Bruise Gel or Calendula Cream, exp. 9/30/17 (RP 07/09/17) [1.5-oz. gel; 2.5-oz. cream]
Pay: $5.49 Get $6 EXtra Care Bucks Get $3 from ibotta
Final Cost = FREE + $3.51 Money Maker

Buy 2 Gliss hair care $4.99 get $1 ECB limit 1
advertised on
Use two $2 Schwarzkopf Gliss hair repair treatment, exp 09/09/17 (08/06/17 rp)
Or Use $5 off 2 schwarzkopf gliss hair repair product, exp 09/09/17 (08/06/17 rp)
Pay: $4.98 Get $1 ECB and $2.00 Saving Star (already Used mine)and $2.99 From Mail in rebate

Final Cost = 2 FREE Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair repair and $1.00 Money Maker


If you go Saturday or today you can still Get this deal


Today (Saturday Only)

Buy Schwarzkopf Hair Color $9.99
Buy 2 Gliss Color Guard shampoo or  conditioner $11
Use $3 off Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Color (Red Plum 8/6)
Use $5/2 Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Products (Red Plum 8/6)
Pay: $12.99 Get $5 ECB and $13.99 back in Mail in rebates
Use  Free Schwarzkopf Gliss Products with Try Me Free Rebate

Use Free Schwarzkopf Hair Color with Try Me Free Rebate
Final Cost = FREE + $6 Money Maker

If you can get there today? Do that, this deal is amazing for expensive Hair Products. Sweet deal!!!!!

This Was A $8.64 Money Making Deal At CVS!!!!!

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IMG_06781 (1)

Finding out Honey Boo Boo’s Mom still coupon’s isn’t gonna make me feel like June Boo Boo or whatever her name is.

I saw this on Oprah’s Where are they now? Show on OWN Channel.

So I had $5 ECB’s From Last Week and here is what I did today at CVS:

Right Guard Dry Spray or dry idea deodorant (select), & dial body wash, hand soap, or bar soap bogo 50% off get $10 eb wyb $25 limit 1

Knowing this deal is available I took advantage of it.


Bought 2 Right Guard Dry Spray $6.99 + $3.49 = $10.49 BOGO 50% OFF
Used 2 $1Right Guard Dry Spray
Bought 2 Dial Foaming  Hand Soap $3.59 +$1.79 = $5.38
Used $1/2 Dial Foaming Hand Soap (Red Plum 8/6)
Bought 2 Dial Moisturizing Body Wash   $6.19 + $3.09 = $9.28 BOGO 50% off
Used two $1/1 Dial (Red Plum 8/6)
Bought 2 Nature Valley Bars 50% off $2.10 x 2 = $4.20
Used $1/2 Nature Valley Bars

Used $5 ECB From last Week
Pay: $13.35 Get $10 ECB (for Right Guard, Dial Body Wash, Dial hand Soap deal) and Get $6.99 from Free Right Guard Xtreme Dry Spray with Mail-In Rebate

Get $2 From Saving Star for Dial Body Wash
Get $1 From Saving Star For 2 Dial foaming hand soap
Get $1 From Right Guard Dry Spray
Get $1 For 2 Nature Valley Bars 


And That makes This deal a $8.64 MONEY MAKER And that is not too Shabby! I think even Honey BOO Boo would have fun doing this deal with or without the TV Show!!!