Confessions of a Coupon Clipper

If you’ve been couponing, chances are you’ve come across a grumpy cashier – who huffs and puffs as they scan your coupons, just waiting to say they can’t accept coupons that you know are valid and acceptable under the store’s policy. Running into too many of these types of characters  can make couponing an awful experience, instead of enjoyable, some people have even quit couponing because they prefer to avoid confrontation.


I personally have honed my confrontational skills by not being confrontational; I have learned a lesson in regard to the cashier/coupon conflict. I Keep my big mouth shut *not easy for me* I find if I say nothing, be kind and let them work it out, they almost always talk themselves through it. If I get refused when I know I am right (I mean how many times does this happen) I simply reuse it at another time and avoid that particular cashier in the future, this way I keep myself out of the equation and never get bummed. I will definitely say this again cashier profiling is always acceptable * Young males  seem either totally uninterested and just want to keep the line moving or are enthusiastic even congrats to you for saving $$*


Are grumpy cashiers just part of the whole shopping experience?


I realize cashiers work long hours and encounter friendly folks or downright nasty individuals all day long, I am positively sure there are couponers out there huffing and puffing when their coupons get rejected *all though it seems like some cashiers can’t wait to reject them as if their lives or paychecks depended on it* I still like to make those hardworking grumpy or not cashiers smile at least once, even if that smile comes from rejecting my coupons!

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